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Practical Nursing Improvement Plans for Fall 2012

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This has been a learning process.  In the future, the PN faculty will review the assessment and meet to plan to improve the assessment process.  Plans for the future would be to have all faculty look at the Therapeutic Communication and Health Education questions prior to giving the final exam.  At this time, only the course instructor has looked at the final items.  The PN faculty need to meet and discuss how to improve the teaching for Therapeutic Communication.  Ideas might be to purchase technology (videos, DVDs, CDROMS, etc) to implement the current teaching tools for communication. The Health Education component of this assessment has shown the need to implement a teaching plan for students throughout the curriculum. The PN faculty of both campuses will need to meet and formalize a plan for Health Education.   The faculty will be discussing the outcomes of this assessment on April 13, 2012, and will make a plan to improve the process for the next year.