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Practical Nursing Assessment Tools

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Outcome 1:  Effectively communicate by sharing accurate information through various technologies thus promoting multidisciplinary team and client collaboration to provide effective nursing care.

Project A:  Five questions on the Vincennes Campus NUPR 100 final exam assessing student’s knowledge of Therapeutic Communication.  Success standard: 80% of the students will score a 75% or higher on these questions on the final exam.

Project B:  ATI-PN Mental Health, 2008 version Subscale Psychosocial Integrity/Therapeutic Communication.
Success Standard:  70 % of students will score a 66% or higher on this subscale of questions.  Note: Due to the difficulty of the questions, 66% is on par with the national mean proficiency.

Outcome 2:  Provide health education for clients under the direction of a registered nurse to promote adaptation to health changes and achieve optimal levels of wellness.

Project A:  NURP 100 Final exam.  Success standard:  80% of students will achieve 75% accuracy on health education related questions.

Project B:  Health education poster.  Students will create a poster for the purpose of educating geriatric clients regarding medication safety.  Students will be graded according to the grading sheet established by the faculty.  Success standard:  80% of students will achieve an 80% or better on the assignment.