Funeral Service Improvement Plans for Fall 2012

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Outcome 1:  Demonstrate the cognitive knowledge necessary for satisfactory performance in an entry-level funeral service position by passing the National Board Examination (NBE).

Improvements for Outcome 1 (FNRL 120) will be based upon faculty collaboration in developing questions to help the student retain the information more effectively.  A portion of the improvement will come from implementing the study of more terminology in the course as opposed to allowing the student to study the material independently.  Additionally, the FNRL 120 course meets only once a week in a three-hour block.  The faculty will implement weekly quizzes to cover material presented in the previous lecture to hopefully boost retention of the material.

Outcome 2:  Resolve legal and/or ethical situations that arise via the practice of funeral service.

Improvements for Outcome 2 (FNRL 200) will be based upon trying to get students to identify the ethical behavior situations by the use of scenario questions.  This improvement will call upon the funeral service faculty to re-write some test bank questions in a concise manner that allows the student to identify the ethical behavior in question, but use multiple choice questions to assess the learning as opposed to reflective writings and discussions.