Funeral Service Analysis and Summary of Student Results

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Outcome 1:  Demonstrate the cognitive knowledge necessary for satisfactory performance in an entry-level funeral service position by passing the National Board Examination (NBE).

Project A:  Only 13 of the 19 (68%) students in the course scored above the successful standard. This did not meet the success standard of 100% scoring 80% or higher.   Roughly 68% of the class is proficient in muscle identification.  This proves a weakness as the overall goal was to have 100% (10 students) at 80% or higher for a score on the quiz.  Material covered on the quiz is taught early on in the semester; more retention of information for the quiz is needed.

Project B:  58% achieved 85% or higher.  This did not meet the success standard of 75% of the students would score 85% or higher. Material covered on the quiz is material that is cumulative over the life of the course; more retention of the information is needed by the students.

Outcome 2:  Resolve legal and/or ethical situations that arise via the practice of funeral service.

Project A:  100% of the students scored 80% on this measure.  This met the success standard that 100% would achieve 80% on this measure.

Project B:  Discussion and reflection.