Funeral Service Assessment Tools

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Outcome 1:  Demonstrate the cognitive knowledge necessary for satisfactory performance in an entry-level funeral service position by passing the National Board Examination (NBE).

Project A:  Students will take a quiz over muscle identification.  Success standard:  100% of the students will score an 80% or better on the quiz.                               

Project B:  Students will take a pre- and post-test restorative art exam.  Success standard:  75% of the students will score 85% higher on the post-test over the pre-test in the area of muscle identification.

Outcome 2:  Resolve legal and/or ethical situations that arise via the practice of funeral service.

Project A:  Students will submit a two-page synopsis of how their “case’ funeral home acted either ethically or unethically.  Success standard:  100% of the students will score 80% of greater on the paper according to the grading rubric.

Project B:  Students will participate in a discussion of the case studies either in class for face-to-face instruction or on a discussion board for distance education students. Questions asked:  What did the funeral service personnel do wrong in this situation?  How could the situation been handled better?  What would the student do if they had been in this situation?  Students will complete a reflective activity answering the following question:  What was the one most useful or meaningful thing you learned in this assignment?  Faculty will review the responses.