Funeral Service Learning to be Assessed, 2013-2014

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Outcome 1:  Demonstrate the cognitive knowledge necessary for satisfactory performance in an entry-level funeral service position.

Learning Skill/Knowledge to be Assessed: Pathology  

Why is this Assessment Significant? Pathology is a key component of the ABFSE curriculum and Pathology is included in the Funeral Service Sciences portion of the NBE.  In the past, students have struggled with this portion of the curriculum on the NBE.

Faculty Collaborators:  Jonathon DeHart


Outcome 2:  Encourage students and faculty to perform research in the field of funeral service.

Learning Skill/Knowledge to be Assessed:  Identify legal relationships, rights, duties and liabilities between the funeral director and/or embalmer, the dead body, and the consumer.

Why is this Assessment Significant? Ethical decision making is important to the profession of funeral service.  Faculty also wish to re-assess this project with the advent of a written rubric.  

Faculty Collaborators:  Jonathon DeHart