Paralegal Mission Statement and Outcomes

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Mission Statement
The mission of the Vincennes University Paralegal program is to prepare students for entry-level positions as paralegals to meet the needs of the legal community and the needs of the diverse citizens of the State of Indiana.  It achieves this through teaching and training that places an emphasis on ethical considerations and action, emphasis on the proper role of the paralegal in the competent, and efficient and economical delivery of legal services.  The program aids the development of legal reading, writing, and research skills, as well as analytical and critical thinking skills, coupled with an understanding of the proper and ethical use of changing technology. The Paralegal program helps students generate an understanding of the law and the proper functions of government, both as professionals and as citizens in a free and diverse society.

Program Learning Outcomes
Students who complete course work in the Paralegal program will be able to:

  • identify the areas of law and concepts that apply to a fact situation.
  • identify the facts, issues, and holdings within a court case.
  • use the facts, issues, and holdings within a court case in resolving the issues raised in a fact situation.
  • write effective and clear legal documents that meet professional standards.
  • apply the Rules of Professional Conduct to fact situations.
  • utilize technology to protect against the disclosure of confidential information.