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Practical Nursing Assessment Tools Improvement Plan

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Outcome 1:  Effectively communicate by sharing accurate information through various technologies thus promoting multidisciplinary team and client collaboration to provide effective nursing care.

Project A:  Continue with ATI evaluation of therapeutic communication Summer of 2013.

Project B: NURP 100 faculty will meet to decide on therapeutic communication test questions for fall 2013 NURP 100 final and identify cognitive level of questions.

Outcome 2:  Provide health education for client under the direction of a registered nurse to promote adaptation to health changes and achieve optimal levels of wellness.

Project A: Faculty from Vincennes and Jasper agrees there needs to be more questions over the content on the final exam. NURP 100 faculty will meet to decide on the number of questions for the final exam and identify cognitive level of questions.

Project B:  Faculty determine to move the poster presentation to NURP 160 Nursing Care of Children to assess the students’ knowledge and understanding of health education needs of the child and family.  NURP 160 to develop a grading rubric.