Mission Statement
The mission of the Vincennes University Biology program is to cultivate student understanding and appreciation of biology as it pertains to their lives, their future, and the planet.  Through classroom and laboratory instruction and co-curricular activities, the department produces students who can identify and apply terminology and biological concepts, understand the process and importance of the scientific method, have the skills to research biological concepts, and acquire the critical thinking skills necessary to form independent conclusions on biological issues.  Students will acquire the skills and knowledge required for the allied health fields, for many of the AS and AAS degree programs, and for transfer to biology related majors at four year institutions and professional schools.

Program Learning Outcomes
Students who complete course work in the Biology program will be able to:        

  • understand biological concepts and structures.
  • apply the scientific method to solve problems.
  • apply critical thinking skills to biological topics and issues.
  • synthesize scientific information from a variety of valid sources.
  • employ communication skills regarding scientific concepts.
  • appreciate the connections between biology and their lives, the world, and current events.