Graphic Design

Mission Statement
The mission of the Vincennes University Graphic Design program is to offer students with diverse backgrounds a career-oriented education in graphic design that will qualify graduates for employment as graphic designers and production artists.  Students will be able to apply all essential aspects of graphic design, including design principles and processes, creativity, aesthetic sensibilities, visual problem-solving, interpersonal communications skills, professional conduct, current technical skills, as well as social and global responsibility. This will be accomplished through a variety of hands-on grqaphic design experiences to practice the design process, along with class discussions, ciritiques and presentations.

Program Learning Outcomes
Students who complete course work in the Graphic Design program will be able to:                                                   

  • generate professional-level, functional and creative designs.
  • implement creative and strategic direction from clients and art directors.
  • plan strategies that effectively meet the communication needs of a client.
  • utilize current technologies, production processes and techniques to meet specific production requirements.
  • analyze conceptual and aesthetic qualities of graphic design.
  • articulate a clear rationale for design concepts and solutions.
  • demonstrate conduct of a business professional with social and global responsibility.