Practical Nursing

Mission Statement
The mission of the Vincennes University Nursing Department is to prepare graduates who can function with competency in order to plan, provide, and evaluate nursing care of individuals or groups of clients in a variety of settings.  These settings include, but are not limited to, acute care, long-term care, public heath, and community health settings. By providing majors with didactic, college laboratory, and clinical laboratory learning experiences, the Department serves students seeking Practical Nurse Certificate, Associate of Science Degree in Nursing, and Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.  The Department allows for articulation between the PN certificate and ASN degree and between the ASN degree and BSN degree.

Program Learning Outcomes
Students who complete course work in the Practical Nursing program will be able to:

  • utilize critical thinking in the implementation of the nursing process in conjunction with other team members to provide safe, evidence-based and culturally competent care to clients in various settings.
  • effectively communicate by sharing accurate information through various technologies, thus promoting multidisciplinary team and client collaboration to provide effective nursing care.
  • demonstrate caring in order to foster a therapeutic environment.
  • provide health education for clients under the direction of a registered nurse to promote adaptation to health changes and achieve optimal levels of wellness.
  • incorporate legal and ethical guidelines into nursing practice to demonstrate professionalism and adherence to practical nursing practice standards.
  • communicate a commitment to lifelong learning to maintain professional growth and career mobility.