Electronic Media

Mission Statement
The mission of the Vincennes University Electronic Media program is to prepare students to take creative ideas from concept development to final product in the areas of on-air performance, audio and video production, broadcast journalism, media sales and marketing, and management.  Using state of the art audio and video equipment in studio and field locations, students will learn foundational concepts, techniques, and skills to create content for broadcast, web, and other media.  Students will study the impact and interaction of media in a diverse community through media research and identifying characteristics of a target audience for content creation and civic engagement. Graduates of the program will be prepared for employment in electronic media professions and/or the pursuit of advanced degrees.

Program Learning Outcomes
Students who complete course work in the Electronic Media program will be able to:

  • produce an audio or video news story.
  • create informational/entertainment video projects.
  • create informational/entertainment audio projects.
  • organize a client consultation.
  • deliver a written and verbal client presentation.
  • value the role of a broadcast station in operating in “the public’s interest, convenience and necessity.” 
  • design a plan to ascertain the needs of a community and to meet those needs.