Technology, B.S.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Vincennes University Technology Baccalaureate Degree program is to build management skills in students’ areas of technical concentration. Students will develop enhanced skills in their area of technical expertise, research advancements in their technical specialty, utilize modern technical applications, and fabricate advanced technical projects. They will also gain skill sets in ethics, business management, professional relationships, manufacturing processes, and supervisory teamwork. The degree program prepares students for enhanced employment opportunities in career fields that utilize project control, industrial applications, technical supervision, manufacturing technologies, and other advanced technical specializations.

Program Learning Outcomes
Students who complete course work in the Technology B.S. Degree program will be able to:           

  • apply creative problem-solving competencies to goals and opportunities students will face in their personal and professional lives.
  • understand the value of diversity in the workplace.
  • demonstrate advance technical expertise in their technical areas of concentration.
  • apply current research techniques within their business and industry.
  • analyze issues critically and reflectively within their industry.
  • recognize the benefits and importance of teamwork.