Aviation Flight - Indianapolis

Mission Statement
The mission of the Vincennes University Aviation Flight program is to prepare students to obtain a commercial pilot certificate with instrument rating.  Aviation Flight students will have cognitive insight into the air traffic control system, meteorology, aircraft performance, and advanced systems on corporate and commercial aircraft.  The program also prepares students for transfer to four year institutions of higher learning.  Students will learn required knowledge in a traditional classroom environment as well as 270 hours of hands on flight experience.  They will be regularly tested using realistic FAA Written test questions to prepare for the written exams as well as a variety of traditional testing methods.  Students will have open and regular access to state of the art fully certified flight RedBird flight simulators for both free practice and structured training.  Students will receive 25-30 hours per course of 1 on 1 oral instruction from their primary flight instructor. 

Program Learning Outcomes
Students who complete course work in the Aviation Flight program will be able to:

  • pass the FAA Written Exam.
  • pilot the aircraft precisely and accurately.
  • navigate exactly with advanced navigation systems.
  • communicate with air traffic control.
  • evaluate weather conditions for safe flight.
  • obtain the required skill based proficiency necessary to become a Commercial Pilot.