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Workshops held by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness present the approaches to program and classroom assessment identified in the Assessment Strategic Plan.

Instructional Program Assessment Workshops

  • Assessment 101
  • Analyzing Data and Identifying Improvement
  • Brushing Up on Assessment
  • Closing the Loop and Revising Mission and Outcomes Statements
  • Digging Into the Data
  • Doing Assessment Like a Champ!
  • Ideas for New, Useful Assessment Projects
  • Identifying Effective Assessment Measures
  • Key Tools for Assessment Results and Improvements
  • The Essential Tools and Tasks - Rubrics, Score Sheets, Reflections, Blue Prints, and Think Alouds
  • Writing Program Mission Statements and Program Outcomes

Co-Curricular Program Assessment Workshops

  • Co-Curricular Assessment: Culture of Evidence
  • Student Affairs Assessment

Professional Development Workshops

  • Critical Thinking & Higher Order Thinking by Gary Brown
  • Hooking Up: Curriculum Mapping
  • Improving Instruction and Learning: Assessment Techniques that Engage Students (webinar)
  • Making Meaning Out of Mounds of Data: Working Through Steps 5, 6, and 7

Click on the Request Workshop link in the navigation bar to request a new or existing workshop. 

*For a complete set of workshop handouts, contact Amy Coots at 812-888-4275.