Intensive Course Approval Process

Intensive Course Recertification Process

2015-16 Academic Year

New intensive course proposal forms were approved during the 2014-15 academic year reflecting revised expectations for writing, reading, and speaking intensive courses.  Reading is now included as a component of writing intensive courses, and writing and reading activities determine at least 30% of the final grade in an intensive course.  Speaking activities determine at least 10% of the final grade in a speaking intensive course.  New rubrics that reflect the essential writing, reading, and speaking skills have also been prepared for use by faculty and the assessment process. 

In order to ensure that courses reflect the clarified learning expectations, assessment rubrics, and percentages, all intensive courses need to be recertified. 

  • Intensive proposal forms, rubrics, and templates for CCO’s can be found below.
  • All full-time program faculty teaching an intensive course will collaborate on assignments.  For programs offered at multiple locations, all full-time faculty teaching the course should participate in the discussions.  Collaboration is confirmed on the proposal form. 
  • Course expectations and intensive activities should be identified in Section VIII of the CCO so that adjunct faculty are aware of intensive requirements and include them in their courses.  
  • Department chairs are responsible for overseeing the completion of the forms and sending them to Kathy Williams.  Emails to Kathy should include all of the following:
    • Course proposal form(s)
    • Course CCO
    • Grading rubric(s).
  • Kathy Williams will distribute proposal forms, CCO, and rubrics to the UCC Coordinator and the chairs of English or Speech.
  • English and Speech faculty will review and make a recommendation to the UCC Committee and Kathy Williams to (a) approve or (b) revise the course expectations to more closely reflect the intensive course criteria.  In the case of “b”, the UCC Coordinator or the English or Speech chair will collaborate with the departments to revise the intensive activities so the course can be approved.
  • The UCC Committee will give final recommendation to CAAC for administrative approval of courses.
  • Kathy Williams will add the finalized CCO and approved proposal form to the Curriculum and Instruction website.

The timeline for intensive form submissions is as follows:

  • November 20, 2015: Humanities and Social Science/Performing Arts/Communications*
  • January 22, 2016: Health Sciences/Human Performance and Business/Public Services*
  • March 14, 2016: Technology and Math/Science/Engineering*

*All full-time faculty members teaching the same course at any VU location are expected to collaborate on the intensive expectations, rubrics, and the proposal form for the course.    

R/W/S Intensive Course Designation Proposal Forms
Speaking Intensive Course Designation Proposal Form with Rubric
Writing Reading Intensive Course Designation Proposal Form with Rubric
*Sample Writing Reading Intensive Proposal Form

Common Course Outline and Syllabus Templates
VU CCO and Syllabus Instructions

VU Common Course Outline Template 
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VU Syllabus Template
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