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General & Liberal Education

On October 25, 2012, the Vincennes University Curriculum and Accademic Affairs Committee approved five liberal education outcomes that will serve as the common-learning outcomes for all VU graduates.

Informed by the extensive research completed by the Educational Futures Task Force and driven by two AQIP Action Projects, the faculty and administration agreed on five essential skills that the Association of American Colleges and Universities research repeatedly finds employers want to see in college graduates.  

More significantly, VU's faculty and administration agreed on the goals for a distinctive Vincennes University education, one that University personnel believe will distinguish VU graduates. 

Starting with critical and creative thinking, the faculty have agreed to collaborate on a curriculum that will include embedded "ill-defined problems" for students.  Using a University-wide rubric, faculty will measure student success and begin the dialogue about what methods work to help make VU students successful critical and creative thinkers. 

The remaining outcomes in communications, quantitative literacy, ethical thinking, and integrative thinking will be worked into the curriculum and co-curriculum in the next few years.  During the process, VU plans to be a significant player in the national dialogue about students' success as liberally educated citizens prepared both for employment and life with others.

Contact Information:
Chris Gwaltney, Director of General Education
Professor of Speech
Office: Vincennes Campus, Wathen Business Bldg, Room 215
Phone: 812-888-4491
Fax: 812-888-5582