Academic Quality Improvement Program

AQIP stands for Academic Quality Improvement Program. It is an accreditation process offered by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The HLC accredits over 1000 institutions of higher education in 19 states, including Indiana.

AQIP is modeled on the principles of continuous quality improvement.  Schools electing to maintain accreditation via AQIP participation are involved in a continuous cycle of Action Project development and Systems Portfolio submission.  Action Projects address problem areas or opportunities for quality improvement and are typically designed for completion within three years of their development.  Annual reports to the HLC monitor progress on each project.  The AQIP Systems Portfolio documents evidence that the university meets standards defined by the nine AQIP Categories and the five HLC Criteria for Accreditation. Portfolios are submitted to the HLC every four years.   Every seven years, the HLC reviews evidence of positive participation in all AQIP activities and awards schools reaffirmation of accreditation.